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Tone Generator
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Hello, my name is Benjamin Turley. Yes, the Benjamin Turley. I made this site.

Originally, the site started off as a simple microphone to note resolver that existed only as a proof of concept. However, due to fantastic reception, Tonescope has gradually expanded into a much larger variety of musical tools.

The site is updated when I have time depending on the demand for a feature. Currently, the pages available include conversion of microphone to note and pitch and assorted tools including a metronome, and tone generator. I am currently working on the microphone to sheet music page and boy, its gonna be good. You can find additional information about each at the bottom of their respective pages. Browser support includes pretty much everything but IE (should look fine, but may not function) and Opera because honestly, I just don't want to download it.

The vast majority of the site functionality is made with JavaScript. The rest is all HTML, hard coded if you couldn't tell (<3 CSS). Everything could probably use a little polish, but for now I just can't get enough formatting tags.

If you want to support this website and/or buy me a coffee, consider sharing the site with a friend. It's free and the more musical people visting Tonescope the easier it is to maintain it.

Take care.

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